Things to do in Ukraine

There are a big number of activities to do in Ukraine. For example, go to a performance of Opera in Lviv city. The Opera of Ivan Franko is the best of Ukraine, because its extravagant design, with a front wall and interior with great decorations. The Lviv Opera is the most beautiful of Europe.

Another activity to make, it is the Crimea wine tasting. The vineyards of the region produce good wines that you can taste at very cheap prices.

An activity to practice outdoors is the ski or snowboard at the Carpathian Mountain. The most important sports locations are in Bukovel Slavsko, Drahobrat and in Tysovets. Bukovel is the only resort with world-class facilities. Drahobrat is a resort located at a big altitude of Ukraine and has the best tracks of snow.

The Carpathian region is perfect for hiking in the spring and summer.

Cycling become as a popular activity of Ukraine. The streets of Kiev are not very suitable to practice this sport, but there are several parks and forests near Kiev that offer the opportunity of making a day trip. Bicycles can be rented in Kiev for one day or more.

It is highly recommended to participate in the celebrations of the last weekend of May in Kiev. These celebrations include performances of musicians and actors, and exhibitions of fireworks.

It is very common in the summer swimming and fishing in the Dnieper River. It is also possible to perform cruises on this River. It has a park and a beach on the Trukhaniv Island.

What to visit in the city of Odessa?

The seaport and the city of Odessa was founded in 1794, by a order of Catherine the great as main maritime gateway to the Russian Empire from its South side.

Although is important to know that this place is inhabited since the Stone Age. Since the year 2000 is considered Freeport and has flexible fiscal legislation.

In the past was one of the most important seaports of Europe and has an Orthodox Church. Even though it is a mainly industrial city, you must visit the seaport of Odessa.