Odessa is a big city of Ukraine, it is the capital of the province of the same name; with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants. Odessa (also spelled Odesa in Spanish) is a city of Ukraine and the Black Sea port.

Odessa is the city number 5 of the country (Ukraine), and the most important commercial city of the country. In addition, this city is the most important and biggest city beside the Black Sea.

The architecture and construction Mediterranean style of the city, is inclined by the French’s and Italians, who lived in Odessa.

Odessa was formally founded in the year 1794 as a naval seaport, designed and planned by the Spanish Rear Admiral of the Russian Navy Jose Ribas and the Dutch engineer Franz Volan. The name selected for the city was based in the old Greek colony of Odessos and in the year 1795, the Queen Catherine II changed the sexual category of the city to Odessa.

Between the years 1823 and1824, the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived in Odessa and wrote some letters. His letters describe Odessa as "the Great city where you can feel Europe style, speak French and find European newspapers".

Between the years 1853-1856 through the Crimean War, the city was attacked by the British and also French marine forces, but without success.

In the year 1905, Odessa city lived the workers revolution, and then after the Bolshevik rebellion in 1917 during the First World War, was occupied. In the year 1920, the Communists conquer the city and incorporated to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine, later part of the old USSR. The celebrated movie named Battleship Potemkin mentions this episode, and includes one of the most famous scenes in the history of the cinema, where lots of civilians Russians are killed in a stone stairway. The massacre never occurred, but the movie finished realistic, so many people thinks that the massacre was genuine and for many years was a tourist attraction of the city.

Between the years 1921 and 1922, the inhabitants of Odessa suffered cruelly because of the first war. Between the years1941–1944, the city of Odessa was taken and occupied by German and Romanian forces. Roughly 280,000 inhabitants (most of them Jewish) were killed or deported. Odessa city was liberated by the Soviets forces in April of the year 1944. During the years 1960 and 1970, the city raised very fast. In the year 1991, Ukraine became an independent State, after the collapse of communism.

 The most important city industry includes oil refining, shipbuilding chemical, food industries and metallurgical. The city host a naval base and fishing fleet.

Odessa city is frequently named as the Pearl of the Black Sea.