Girls Profiles from Zaporozhve

Antonina is a woman Bride from Zaporozhye, Ukraine with 22 years old. She works as a manager although she had not finished university yet. She has brown hair and eyes, measures 168 cm and weights 45 kg. She evaluates her English skills as beginner, and do not handle any other language.

She is a pretty young woman, who combines good looking with intelligence. She is communicative, clever, kind, loving and supportive and all that points is what is she wishing to find in her true love.

She has a great body because of her daily morning exercise and gym, loves all kinds of sports. She has many interests like playing Russian billiards ( she is open to teach you), nail design as she loves to draw pictures or images on them.

As for her man, Antonina is looking for someone interesting to talk to, affectionate, helpful, loyal and with great sense of humor. She ensures that if you make her feel the most valuable and beloved person in your life, she will care of you, love you and make you the happiest man in the entire world.

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Elena is a beautiful divorced lady with 25 years old, from Zaporozhve, Ukraine.

She has hazel eyes and brown hair, she is tall and weights 60 kg. She works as an administrator and has a University degree. She evaluates her English skills as intermediate.

Elena never drinks nor smokes.

She is a gorgeous woman, from what we can say about her pictures. Besides she is talkative, sincere, open minded, energetic, loyal and calm, these two last characteristics are the ones who let her handle quite right some difficult situations.

Elena loves spring because it is season of love, maybe she likes to walk near the sea and to feel the noise of the sea. She is dreaming for a man who has a good sense of humor, family oriented, smart, kind, pleasant and well educated. Clearly, she is not worried about appearance, is worried about his inner world.

Her favorite music is pop and her favorite movies are comedy and melodrama.

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Information about Zaporozhye city

Zaporozhve is a city in southeastern Ukraine and is the sixth largest one, situated on the Dnieper River. This city has population of 796,000 in 2007. The well known German educationalist Leonard Froese and the economist and Russian politician Sergei Glaziev were born there.

Archeological finds revealed that about two or three thousand years ago there were living nomads.

The city began with a small fortress in order to protect the southern territories from threats. Fort Alexander, founded in 1770 and across from Khortytsia Island.

Zaporozhve was called “ Aleksándrovsk” by the First Commandant of the Russian Army, but back in 1921 the city is was re-called as “Zaprorozhve” ( literally it means “ behind the fastest”).

During the soviet times, Zaporozhve was an “industrial city”. This tends to create of sort of environmental problems such as pollution, noise contamination and chemicals dropped on the sea. Thanks to the movement to a market economy this situation began to improve in the last 20 years.

The transportation system goes from roadways, rail to air and river options, so you have plenty of alternatives you can choose to meet her country.

This city has open exhibitions for those who like this type of activities. There are a lot of small bands, folk music and song bands, art galleries. What is more you can go to teaching lessons of professional artists, designers as well as cartoonists.

The Island of Khortytsia is in the center of the city. They are connected by a concrete bridge designed in 1952. The view from the island of Khortytsia is very impressive and emotive, imagine you can see everything really clear like the Lenin Avenue which ends near the Dam.

About weather, in summer the average temperature is 20 Centigrade and in winter the average temperature is -5 Centigrade.