A selection of girls from Yalta

Anna is a young student with 26 years old, from Pisces.

She was born in Yalta, Ukraine. She has beautiful blue eyes and black hair, she is has an average height and weights 53 kg. She drinks socially and does not smoke.

About her interests, she loves reading books while she rests at the seaside, going out and meeting new people so that she can make friendships maybe. She is keen on sports (particularly beach volleyball), dancing and travelling all around the world.

Besides she likes music, different kind of art, literature, flowers and animals! How many interests does she have! As for herself, she is an honest, humble, active, kind, with good sense of humor, clever person, who likes to be happy all the time and to find harmony in her life.

She is expecting to find in her dream man someone truthful, genuine and energetic, with whom she could share all her feelings and thoughts, capable of making her days brighter.

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Ekaterina is an Economist with 27 years old, from Aries, hazel eyes and black hair.

This girl is tall and thin, her University is unfinished and she evaluates her English skills as intermediate. She was born in Yalta, Ukraine.

Concerning her interests, she is fond of literature (ancient and of present times) because she explains that is the way to show people exactly as they are, as well as music and dancing her major interests. In relation to her, Ekaterina is honest, intelligent, creative and has great self-confidence.

She is good-looking and has an amazing body due to her daily exercises.

She likes to take control in relationships. She is looking for someone sincere and truthful, someone real with virtues and shortcomings, not an ideal person as is not her way to be.


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Yalta city information

Yalta is a city in Crimea, southern Ukraine, located on the north coast of the Black Sea with a population of 80,500.

This city was once named “Yalita”.   Yalta situated on an ancient Greek colony, which is said to be founded by sailors who were expecting to find somewhere safer to land.

The city has Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars as well as Belarusians.

Its existence was first recorded in 12th century as a Byzantine port and fishing settlement. Its one of the most popular cities in the country in seaside holidays. Some years ago people could travel for one to other country, and this is when Yalta gained popularity.

Yalta is overcrowded in July-August, hotel prices and tours around the city are extremely expensive. It offers a bunch of options, from Zoo’s to Armenian Church’s. You can visit Lesya Ukrainka´s and Anton Chekhov´s house-museums.

If you are not that interested in history, you can take these ladies to an amazing Aquarim which hosts small dolphins or to parks.

The top 3 places you MUST go in Yalta are “The Swallow’s Nest”, an incredible castle overlooking the sea.

The “Livadia Romanov vacation house” used for the World War II by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Finally, you must go to Bakhchisarai, a city of minarets and mosques and while there, the palace of Khan Mengli-Girel and the Fountain of Tears In winter, the average temperature reaches 5 °C , In summer, the average temperature reaches 25 °C