Information about Ukraine and Most Important Cities

Ukraine is located in Europe and shares borders from East to North and at the West with Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus and Russia, and is surrounded by the Black Sea in the South. It is the second largest country of Europe.

The country is a large plain (steppe), only in the South have a small mountain and on the West the Carpathian Mountains. This plain is crossed by four large rivers (Dnieper, Dnièster and Bug Doniests) and the Danube which makes natural border with Romania.

Ukraine has a great cultural tradition; you can see it watching the Ukrainian icons and Orthodox churches as example of the importance of this culture. But the most important is the popular culture. A good example is the musical richness of their folklore (music and dance). Their dance is the most important in the Slavic Eastern, having a well-known Red Army choirs with songs and dances.

Ukrainian cuisine will not disappoint you, it is well elaborate with a careful presentation, so restaurants and cafes tend to have a careful decoration. The most typical dishes are: "pereshkes" (salty gherkins), "selyodka pod souboy" (with herring), "gribnoy" (mushroom and potato soup), "ukranian borscht" (with beef or pork meat), and more. They have good wine and beer. Also you can taste delicious desserts such: the "vareniki" (ingredients: bun stuffed with cheese, blueberries, strawberries, apples or other ingredients) or "salo" (it is a very old dessert and is made from pork fat).


Kiev, is not only the capital of Ukraine, is also the initial point of the Orthodox religion towards Eastern Europe and the birthplace of Russian civilization.

In Kiev you must visit the Golden Bridge (only memory of the walls of the 10th century), the monastery of the caves (must visit with candles, because it's catacombs), the Saint Sophia Cathedral (from the 11th century with frescoes and magnificent icons situated in the beautiful place), the Cathedral of Saint Vladimir (central of the Ukrainian Church) the Opera of Kiev, the Museum of Ukrainian art and historical Museum of Ukraine.

In the center of Kiev is Andreyev Hill. It is an important street where you can enjoy its cafes and restaurants and meet artists who go there to sell their work.

Also another important places to visit is the Martinsky Palace where reside the Presidents of Ukraine.



 Lviv is a beautiful set of Renaissance, and Baroque architecture located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is considered the birthplace of Ukrainian culture and has the privilege of having the castle, where the national flag of Ukraine flew the first time.

There are many things to see in Lviv: the castle of the city, the National Museum, the historical Museum, the Museum of Ethnography and crafts, the art gallery and the pharmaceutical Museum (settled in the pharmacy more ancient Lviv, opened in 1735). The market square was the heart of the city for over 600 years and was chosen by the nobility and the main traders to build their mansions.

The inhabitants of the city are very proud of the Opera of Ivan Franko that have a great decorative wealth both outside and inside.